Norway driver’s license


The minimum age for cars (category B) is 18 years. Mopeds (category AM146; 50 cc, max 45 km/h), smaller motorcycles (category A1; engine capacity equal to, or less than 125 cubic centimeters) and tractors (category T) are 16 years. Most larger truck licenses require holders to be 21 years old (category C). Motorcycles have different rules, drivers can drive a motorcycle with up to 35 kW from the age of 18 (category A2), as long as the student has completed the necessary courses and tests. When the student turns 20, the student can take a course for motorcycles with unlimited power (category A) assuming they have the A2 license since the age of 18. Before the driver is 24, they have to have at least 2 years of experience with smaller motorcycles.